Voice Mail System & Auto Attendant

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Voice Mail is Voice messaging that stores and manipulates the spoken recorded messages that is accessible to the users from anywhere twenty-four hours a day. Voice messaging increases the productivity, it improves the internal communication. It enhances the customer service and it reduces the message taking cost.


Voice Messaging is a viable alternative to e-mail as a business communicating tool. The Voice Messaging System improves the public relations in the company.

It is important to know that the voice mail provides twenty-four-hour-a-day answering capability. It can enhance the efficiency and boost the job productivity. It can improve the accuracy of message content and it can enable one to send multiple messages to the people.

It can reduce the need for administrative/receptionist/secretarial support. No miss calls when the people leave messages on your voice mail. You can listen to your messages from anywhere any time. You will remember your schedules and it will keep you in the loop.